About Us

Founded in 1885 by a progressive group of canners, the Associated New York State Food Processors is the oldest statewide food processing trade association in the United States.

We now represent a major portion of the state processed food industry, and our list of processors is impressive, including that of fruits, vegetables, wine, and food specialty items.

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Join Us

It is vital for the food industry to be united for the well-being of all.

Along with California, New York has the most legislative and regulatory activity on food safety concerns and environmental issues.

You will find that you get full value from your membership if you are active in all Association functions. Come to our meetings and social events, take part in our programs. We want you to get your money’s worth!

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Association Mission

Our mission is to be the voice of and support of our members in all matters legislative and regulatory that result in the betterment and viability of the New York State food industry.


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